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Man-in-the-Middle (MitM)

Intercepting and Redirecting Genuine Web
Sites Traffic

Man-it-the-Middle attack uses proxy servers, DNS poisoning and local Hosts file tampering to intercept and redirect end user traffic to fake sites. Fraudsters use MitM tactics to capture login credentials and other sensitive data and tamper with transactions in real-time. MitM attacks can be carried out through malware on the victim’s device or by compromising network resources.
MitM attack protection ensures that cybercriminals have not compromised the network through DNS poisoning or proxy. And, that malware on the endpoint is not redirecting or intercepting traffic on the end user device.

Validate Genuine Site IP and SSL Certificates

Using proxy servers, DNS poisoning, local Hosts file tamper and other techniques, cybercriminal redirect users to fake web sites. Organizations must validate IP addresses and SSL certificates to ensure end users are communicating with the genuine web site. 

Prevent and Remove Malware Infections

MitB attacks are carried out by malware residing on the end users machine. Organizations need to ensure endpoints are not compromised by malware by disabling exploit code used in drive-by-download infection attempts, and blocking malware downloaders and installers. If a device is already infected, automated malware removal cleans up the endpoints quickly and cost effectively.