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Password Manager

If you receive an error 'Windows cannot verify digital signature' during computer startup - click here for instructions

Once installed, Trusteer Endpoint Protection may block Password Managers from logging you automatically into Trusteer Endpoint Protection protected websites. Trusteer Endpoint Protection blocks all applications from accessing the username and password fields as this type of access could be used by malware to steal your login information.

If you prefer to allow your Password Manager and other applications to access the browser then follow these simple steps (you can keep this window open until the installation completes):

  1. Complete the installation of Trusteer Endpoint Protection
  2. Once the Trusteer Endpoint Protection arrow appears in the browser's address bar, click on it and select Open Console

Protected Website


  1. Click the arrow at the bottom-right corner

Rapport Console First Page


  1. Click "Edit Policy" and enter the code that appears

Rapport Console Second Page


  1. Locate "Block access to information inside the browser" and change the setting next to it to "Never". Click "Save".

Rapport Console Security Policy

  1. Restart your browser